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The Love Story of Queen Victoria and Albert: a royal love story

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The Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Although their the love for each and one another has been effectively documented – not solely by the Queen Victoria for herself, who wrote brazenly of her love for her husband in her diaries – it was so removed from love at first sight for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, at the very least on Victoria’s a part of life.

First cousins – The daddy of Albert’s was the brother of the Victoria’s mom – Prince Albert and Queen Victoria truly met a few years earlier than their engagement collectively.

The primary met was in 1836, when the Prince Albert traveled from his nation Germany to London for 17th birthday of Princess Victoria’s. Although the Victoria later wrote to her uncle, King Leopold I of Belgium, thanking him for introducing them and describing Prince Albert as having “the lot of pleasing and pleasant exterior”, she was decided to not rush into marriage. It was not till two and a half years later that she actually let herself fall for Prince Albert.

Within the ensuing years since their first assembly each of them, Prince Albert had written there to Princes Victoria a number of instances. It looks like his go to within the autumn of 1839 could have been to confront her about stringing him alongside. Regardless of the cause, the end result was so stunning and good. 5 days after his arrival at Windsor, the Princes Victoria proposed to him Prince Albert, as customized dictated.

The Love Story Of Queen Victoria And Prince Albert In 14 Paintings - Art
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Prince Albert Writing in her journal about there Costs Victoria’s proposal, Princes Victoria recalled him: “I stated to him that I believed he have to be conscious why I needed him, why I need him to come back right here, and that it might make me so comfortable if he would consent to what I needed (to marry me) what I need; we embraced from one another there again and again and once more, and the Prince Albert was so form, so affectionate; oh! To really feel I used to be, and am, liked by such an angel as Prince Albert.”

And so begin a love affair as passionate because the one portrayed by Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in Victoria. Whereas it might be really easy and pattern to presume this system construct had tamped issues as much as improve some good scores, we all know from the Princes Victoria’s journal and correspondence between the gorgeous couple that their want for one another was very actual. And that is regardless of their daughter Beatrice doctoring her mom’s diaries to take away all point out of bed room discuss.

In a letter they written very shortly after their engagements in each of them, when the Prince Albert had returned to homeland Germany, he wrote briefly: “I would like to not let you know that since we left, all my ideas my thoughts have been with you at Windsor, and that your image fills my complete soul. Even in my desires I by no means imagined that I ought to discover a lot love on earth.”

Victoria and Albert - A Royal Love Affair by Daisy Goodwin

Bother in paradise However regardless of it being a love match in them, like lot of {couples}, the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had their arguments. The Queen Victoria was susceptible to mood tantrums. Her temper was swings have been such that so many historic’s declare she could have inherited the ‘insanity’ of her grandfather, George III.

Nonetheless, and regardless of the arguments, The Prince Albert at all times managed to get again into Princes Victoria’s nice books. She referred to as him her ‘Angel’ and wrote of her satisfaction in his achievements, notably the Nice Exhibition of 1851-52.

When the Prince Albert died of typhoid fever in 14 december 1861, The Princes Victoria was devastated. She wrote to her eldest daughter, additionally referred to as Princes Victoria, asking: “How I, who learnt on him for all and for all the pieces – with out whom I did nothing in my life, moved not a finger, organized not a print or {photograph}, didn’t
placed on a robe or bonnet if he didn’t approve it shall go on, to dwell, to maneuver, to assist myself in essential moments?”

For years the Princes Victoria mourned the Prince Albert, retreating from public life and sporting black for the remaining 40 years of her life.

For a number of years, Victoria’s grief bordered on the obsessive. It’s stated she ordered to servants to proceed bringing scorching water into his room for his morning shave. Nonetheless, the parable that Princes Victoria his ordered London railings to be painted black as a mark of mourning has been discredited

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