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Hey guys, How are you? I am up with a new book recommendation for you. The name …

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Hey guys,
How are you?
I’m up with a brand new e book suggestion for you. The identify of the e book is “Drama Queen” and it’s written by Ashna Khan.

My Rankings:4.4/5

🌺The subject mentioned on this e book is the necessity for an hour difficulty and it is extremely a lot essential to speak about it. Speaking in regards to the plot, this e book is about Shreya Vasant who was known as drama queen when she bought separated from Rannvijay Rawat in entrance of media. She did in order she was realizing about his affair and tried to maintain quiet due to fame however couldn’t management a lot and needed to finish this. Rannvijay’s ego was damage, after all, as a result of he’s additionally part of this patriarchal society. Even after 18 years of divorce, he tries to show that Shreya has all form of unhealthy issues in entrance of the media. Shreya represented a powerful and agency girl character all all through.
🌺This e book is an excellent depiction of how a lady known as gold digger and different issues simply because she chooses herself. And if somebody tries to clean off these feedback like “You’re a girl, you could regulate”, then how she is criticized. It’s an empowering e book which makes us take into consideration the eventualities talked about above. All those that are slaves of male-chauvinistic society reside in a mirage that girl ought to be suppressed however Shreya is a powerful character who signifies that Ladies have to extricate themselves from all of the prevailing social norms. The change begins with oneself.
🌺The writing fashion of the creator is so magniloquent. This e book is superb right down to the final web page. I loved studying this e book rather a lot.
🌺Additionally, the quilt of the e book was giving me vibes as if it’s a fantasy novel. Nevertheless, after ending the e book I understood that the quilt is signifying a powerful girl who doesn’t care about something.

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